[FREE TODAY] - UV Nail Stickers Starter Bundle

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Color : Nude
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Our Starter Kit Has Everything You Need!

  • 20 Pieces of Semi-Cured Nail Strips
  • UV Lamp
  • Nail File
  • Wooden Stick (for easy removal and smoothing edges)

*Order more to add more Nail Strips🥰*

A Flash of UV Magic
Just pop these sticker wonders under a UV lamp for a mere 60 seconds, and voilà, you've got nails that are not just 10/10 but 110%. Yes, you read that right, 110%. The kind of nails that'll make you want to show them off everywhere you go.

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Perfect Fit for All Fingers
Worried about nail strips fitting your unique fingers? No need! Our Semi-Cured Nail Sticker Pack includes a whopping 20 nail strips in various sizes. From big to small to tiny, we've got you covered. Who knew finding the perfect fit could be so fun?
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